Song #11 is OUT NOW!

I’m excited to share this new track from the “One Song A Week” project. First of all, if you’d like to hear ALL the songs from these SMOKE SESSIONS, check out the Spotify playlist on the front page of this site (AND FOLLOW IT) - it should explain everything! The latest addition is this week’s track “I Wanna Feel It” - if you’re on the fence about something…not sure if you should dive in, or sit this one out…this song might just push you over the edge (in a good way) and convince you to GO FOR IT! I’m also excited to have played my new guitar - a 2008 MIM Telecaster on this track - I think the guitars sound bright and round and full, which is really the sound I was looking for when dreaming about adding a Tele to my sonic collection. You can find the song on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay, among others. It helps so very much if you LIKE the track or ADD it to a playlist or SHARE it with a friend - this helps keep the indie music dream alive! Thank you for your support as always - more rock & roll coming soon!! Plus we have a LAS VEGAS show on 4/20 at NuWu Cannabis Marketplace playing with West Coast hip/hop LEGENDS The Luniz!


Here we are deep into week #7 and the songs keep on coming! Overall I’m happy with the progress so far - I think my mixes have gotten better each time, and my singing/playing has improved as well. Its becoming more and more of a challenge to complete an entire song AND promote it in just one week. I am torn between spending enough time on the song itself to make it sound “good” and promoting the project so people are aware of what I’m doing and can hear the music easily. The songs get uploaded to most BIG digital music services like Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Napster and a few more. I’ve heard Deezer is the #1 service in the UK, it just hasn’t caught on in the states yet. Keep an eye out for that one! But like I said I think we are making our way towards “good/better” recordings - I’d love to look back on 2019 and have a bunch of songs to show for my efforts and also hear how I’ve improved on the quality of my mixes, singing, instrument playing, lyric writing, promotional efforts, etc. Often times I feel the weight of having to do EVERYTHING with this project: write, record, mix, promote, film - but it WAS supposed to be a challenge so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I can’t wait til we get towards the end of the year and my fatigue has REALLY kicked in and I start putting out a bunch of crazy weird shit, that’s when the fun really starts! For now I leave you with a playlist of all the songs up to this point. Thanks for checking in and just know that the hits will keep on coming!!

Song #5 of 52 "Two Of Us" is OUT NOW!

This week’s song is a cover of The Bealtes classic “Two Of Us” one of my favorite songs from their legendary Let It Be album. I wanted to give this song a bit of a kick in the pants, bringing out the funk and grooviness of the track. I’d like to dedicate this song to my beautiful lady for making the whole ‘song of the week’ thing possible - without her support and inspiration none of this would be happening right now - so thank you baby! The original song consists primarily of acoustic guitars, so for this version I took out the acoustics and brought in some funky electrics and groovy drums to give the song a bit of a sonic update. Drums and bass were recorded on a Monday, guitars on Tuesday, vocals on Thursday/Friday and that was it! Tell me what you think in the comments below!

SONG #4 of 52 OUT NOW!

Week #4 is upon us and that means ANOTHER NEW TRACK from The Imperfections! This week’s tune is “Family Down” a bouncy little folk/rock song about family life and the pressures of living up to expectations. It has a serious side to it, but also maintains a fun bouncy feel throughout the song while belting out the words “Don’t leave me out in the cold freezing my nuts in January” perhaps this would be a fun one for the ladies to sing along to?? I was inspired by the new Cadillac commercial with the song that says “my booty’s bigger than a Cadillac” and thought ‘hey, if they can talk about their butts being the size of an SUV, why can’t I talk about my private parts in a fun way?’ Learn the words yourself and sing along with the LYRIC VIDEO below:

SONG #3 of 52 OUT NOW!

That’s right - song #3 of my “ONE SONG A WEEK” project is now available everywhere fine digital music is sold or streamed (or pirated if that still goes on). The song is called “Be Alright” - its a song about feeling down and out, lower than low - when all of a sudden your friends show up and save you! And since the song “That’s What Friends Are For” has already been written, I had to come up with something new. The song is really a 2-parter, there’s the opening verse section that feels lonely and desperate, which gives way to the chorus which feels very triumphant and celebratory. This song is a celebration of all my friends, and for anyone who has a close pal who helped them thru a rough time. Check out “Be Alright” below:






Ready or not

Like most of us, I can get a little too comfortable.

I struggle with holding onto the songs I write because I never think they are finished or “perfect” enough to be heard. In 2019 I am going to celebrate the imperfections and will be releasing 1 song every week. That’s right - 52 songs starting with this one right here!

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And don’t forget to check out the new track “Simple Mind” below:

Song #1 of 52 to be released in 2019


What an amazing year 2018 has been! Thank you so very much to all of you who have supported us - this is all because of YOU! From our GoFundMe campaign, to The Tone Factory to Sensi Mag, every single person who came to a show or listened to our music online, we are truly #grateful - this year gifted us a brand new album that didn't exist when the year began - how cool is that?!? We also wanted to send a special shout out to #Panama for having our most randomly large number of listeners - como esta mi amigos?! We love you all and cannot wait for 2019 - so much more fun to come! #thankful #love #newfriends #spotify #worldwide #fans