Check out our 4th band member

It's actually kinda true, when you get the four of us together, magical things happen! We, as individuals have a certain musical chemistry that when combined creates a unique sound unlike any other. The way Dominic plays the drums along with how Eliss fingers his bass blends together with Donato's crunchy guitar and smooth vibrato voice which creates a 100% unique listening experience. Take that sound and add a pinch of high-quality, lab-tested cannabis flower and you have The Imperfections. We're cruising along the power/pop/rock highway with the windows down and can't be bothered with the bumps along the way, they're inevitable. We embrace The Imperfections.  

We ARE The Imperfections. 

the imperfections (2).jpg


 Head Cheese from Polaris voted Best of Las Vegas 2018.

Head Cheese from Polaris voted Best of Las Vegas 2018.

I had to take advantage of this unique date; 8-8-18, and record something unique. That was the plan, anyway...I was thinking about my own unique life journey - the UPs and DOWNs - and how my main regret would be any time I STOPPED life's momentum and didn't let things continue to play out to see what might happen. Looking back, I think I wanted everything to be "perfect" before anyone heard it. And my definition of what "perfect" was seemed to change constantly. It's enough to make you crazy. So recently I have come to appreciate the idea of the process, and being patient. I didn't want to worry about achieving "perfection", I wanted to celebrate The Imperfections (hence the name). I stopped my own progress so many times in the past - afraid of what might lie ahead. Maybe it was nothing different than life as I knew it, but you can't stop yourself before you finish, its not fair to the universe! This song deals with life's journey, and the process - even if you can't see it now - life is leading you towards an exciting story! People love roller coasters because they ZOOM, ZIP, WHOOSH up, down and all around - not straight ahead and slow. What fun would THAT be? Stick with this song to the end, there are some fun surprises, just like life - now isn't that nice?!

As for the cannabis - I went with my tried and true favorite strain Head Cheese from Polaris based right here in Las Vegas, NV. It was voted "BEST STRAIN" in the Las Vegas Weekly Best of Vegas 2018 issue - and its well-deserved. First of all, it has a STRONG stinky/moldy cheese smell, some people don't like that. But for me - if a flower smells THAT strong, it means there are some serious terpenes in action which typically results in a more enhanced sensory experience overall. Its dense and moist, which isn't easy in the Nevada desert. Head Cheese makes my body feel like its getting a warm hug (which makes me feel safe and creative while coming up with fresh new song ideas). But Head Cheese also packs a hefty cerebral blow - sometimes I can get too cloudy or confused if I have too much, but with well-dosed moderation, Head Cheese can aid mental creativity and give a euphoric stamina well-suited to any kind of creativity, in this case, songwriting. I ground up the cannabis with my trusty SLX Grinder and vaped through my Da Buddha Vaporizer which I've had for 10 YEARS NOW! Happy anniversary to us.

I started recording the song on an acoustic guitar, then laid down the drums over the top - the guitar riffs came soon after and the chorus vocal harmonies topped off the whole shebang. Still tweaking it, but here's where its at now...

Take It Easy on Yourself

Happy Monday everyone - and as much as I'd like it to be Friday again, I'm working on being patient and enjoying the process. Its similar to when I think about Celebrating The Imperfections - sure everyone wants life to be glorious, perfect, movie-star status...but really the only way to get to that "perfect life" is to push through the imperfections. The bumps along the way make you who you are today. And those bumps are the imperfections - the time you went on stage and it didn't go well, the time you failed an assignment or test, got fired from your job, dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend...nobody LIKES those feelings, but they are character building events that help shape who you are and how you react to adversity. So I do hope you all fail a LITTLE BIT today, to help you better find your true path. And take it easy on yourself along the way, nobody's perfect - so CELEBRATE THE IMPERFECTIONS! 

celebratetheimperfections (2).jpg

Band Practice with Purpose

Happy Monday to all of y'alls! Hope the weekend treated you well! We spent the first part of yesterday going over material for our next show. We're working up some brand new cover songs I think you're gonna love! Instead of the covers we used to do to try and make people HATE us 0 ha! Just kidding, but that would be an interesting challenge - to see what songs you could play that would offend the audience to such a degree that they would all leave. Are there any songs that would be THAT bad?? Depends on your audience I guess. Anyway, we picked some fun songs to play and we're working hard to bring the good rock to you all. My voice feels better too - I went thru an entire container of Satori Vocal Rescue this past month - and it definitely helped. I used it so much one practice that the 15% alcohol content was starting to get to me. I felt almost as tipsy as Ozzy Osbourne's toothbrush. Not sure if that joke works...anyway - keep an EAR out for our upcoming EP - "Celebrate The Imperfections" which will be online EVERYWHERE in the Fall of 2018. Until next time...


Sensi Night - Las Vegas - Video Recap

We had a fantastic time rocking the Sensi Night party in Las Vegas! Susan from Sensi is amazing and you can tell they're KILLING IT in the cannabis game! There were so many amazingly cool people at this event, everywhere I turned there was another old friend, or I found myself making a NEW friend! Seriously cool people doing seriously cool things - thanks again for including us in such a historic event - see y'all at the next one! 


For today's SMOKE SESSION, I wanted to make a song with a direct message about "drugs" - but taking the viewpoint of pro-drugs, instead of the usual "say no to drugs" message you'd see on TV throughout the 80s and 90s. I didn't want to hide behind any "clever" wordplay or pretend like I was talking about something else, nope - "I Only Feel Good When I'm On Drugs" is pretty straight forward. However, the song has a bit of a darker tone to it, so maybe things aren't all good in "Drug Land"?? You can hear the back and forth, up and down effect of being with and without substances as the song chugs along. I had fun making this one, I liked creating the different moods as the singer went through his "experiences." I enjoyed creating big harmonies in the chorus and using weird chords in the verses. The strain I smoked while creating this song was from Willie's Reserve called "Humble Pie" which was high in Caryophyllene - great for a creative, relaxing state. I figured if it was good enough for Willie Nelson, I could try it out with MY songwriting - and I really liked it! I'm starting to like Indica hybrids a lot more for writing songs, Sativas are almost too anxious for me now. To be in a good state of mind to write a song, you should be able to slow down a bit and be receptive to the messages being sent from all around you - that's when/how the ideas come. If you don't have your feelers out and you're not in a calm state of mind - you won't catch the idea when it comes. So here is a fun nugget called "(I Only Feel Good) When I'm On Drugs"

7/17/18 Sensi Night in Vegas "a HUGE success!"

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to Sensi Night at The Nerd downtown in the Neonopolis last night! We had a blast meeting so many new friends - Nick and John from The Nerd, the always lovely Susan from Sensi Magazine, Jacob, Harrison, DeAnthony, Emma, KC - so many good people and good vibes all around! We loved playing "Revolution" by The Beatles and felt it fit with the cannabis revolution that is currently underway in Nevada. Everywhere I turned there was another awesome person or organization. Kurt from Weed Be Better Off was there sporting the goods, he hooked me up with my favorite long-sleeve mesh shirt - I wear it everytime I go to the lake. My Imperfection bandmates played their butts off - Dominic stepped in on the drums after a handful of rehearsals and killed it! He is a welcome addition to The Imperfections and a full-fledged member of the band! Eliss was rock-solid as usual and even held his composure despite being back in a UFC ring after being banned from the sport several years back. And now that I mention it, this was our first time playing inside of a full-size regulation UFC ring [hence the fence]. Our next show will be announced SOON and will be at our favorite Las Vegas venue, The Bunkhouse. And DON'T FORGET our EP "Celebrate The Imperfections" will be out SOON! It is currently being mixed by the brilliant Vinnie Castaldo down at The Tone Factory - almost done with this beauty and I can't wait for you all to hear it! 


It's interesting to me how this song started out and where it is my head I wanted to write a good old-fashioned rockin' track in the style of Bob Seger or Foghat - but I am neither of those bands - and when I hear it, it kinda sounds sarcastic - so in the end I feel like a bit of a dink mocking my original inspiration, but that's okay I guess. Unlike math, in "song-making" there is no RIGHT answer. And that's really what I think I do more than "songwriting" - its song MAKING. From drums to guitars, melodies, etc... I like to make songs. I'm picturing the stereotypical "song WRITER" as an introspective breaded dude with an acoustic playing local coffee shops with clever compositions impressing the well-read folk, and I think he's smarter than me - this statement is made all the more meaningless by the fact that I am currently sporting a beard - but for the most part, I know I'm not that guy. (I'm more like the guy in the movie that says one line that they forgot to put in the credits but all the crew remembers as "that guy who was always by the food trays - yea we should probably send him a bill. Oh wait he's not in the credits?? Ah well forget it") The Deadhead OG was very relaxing and helped me channel a bit more sultry sensualness. 

[SPECIAL NOTES: This song was recorded on 10/12/17 during a 12-hour session. I first laid down the guitar riff and built the verses over top. I wanted the chorus to be big and open with an ode to Seger tagline: "no one said rock and roll was easy".]

Pump up the Bass!

I used to listen to a lot of hip/hop as a kid and MCs were always asking the DJ (or whoever) to "pump up the bass" - treble is still waiting for its day...but for The Imperfections, the focus was all on bass recently as Eliss laid down some solid, pumping, groovy, melodic basslines. Check out a few photos from the sesh.



This makes everything sound really good.


Dialing It In...

Vinnie helps Eliss get a unique sound using non-traditional amps


Rockin' It

Finger-style gives a nice round sound


Had to 

use this vintage Rick on a song or two!

Say Good Knight

What an amazing season for the Las Vegas Golden Knights - I've gone from never watching a hockey game in my life to sitting on the edge of my couch and yelling at the TV like my life depended on it! So I put together a pretty sweet set-up for today's game:

1. Inflated pool - $25 at Wal-Mart

2. THC/CBD Synergy bath soak - $35 from The Dispensary Henderson

2. Fat Tire 6-pack - $8.99 from Trader Joe's

3. Hooking up my TV outside to watch the game in #frugalmillionaire style - priceless!


I'm channeling my inner drummer for next week's recording session. Due to recent lineup shifts, I am taking on the role of "SKIN SLAPPER" for the time being. I would love to be as cool as Ringo, as talented as John Bonham, as punchy as Tre Cool, as funky as Bernard Purdie, or as mean as Buddy Rich. But I'm carving my own niche somewhere in the middle of all those influences. I try to copy different drummers at different times, and all that plagiary mashed together becomes MY style. Studio countdown - 1 WEEK AWAY! 


My lovely fiance brought home this Trainwreck from AMA a few days ago and could not wait to try writing with it! It smelled amazing - piney, fruity, one of the most fragrant Trainwrecks I've ever experienced. I took a single long dose from a Buddha vaporizer (and an Arnold Palmer for caffiene). This song came out of a single day's songwriting session this past Tuesday along with 3 other tracks (with varying results). For this track I tried to work in as much scientific/chemistry lingo as possible to describe a love between two young folks. You see, the truth is - me and my lady have a good thing going - and I love it when I get the chance to express my love for her in a song. And since she brought home this wonderful Trainwreck anyway - hey its not like I need to find more excuses to write songs about her! We've had a unique chemistry ever since we were youngins fiddling with test tubes in the basement.


Any hockey fans that have somehow managed to find themselves on THIS website instead of a more hockey-themed site like NHL.COM or even ESPN - let me be the first to tell you, our own Las Vegas Golden Knights have made history and are going to the Stanley Cup Finals! This is a new thing for Vegas, and coming from Seattle, we didn't have a hockey team to follow either - but its hard to not be inspired by the Golden Knights energy, passion and the unbelievable season they are having! Through watching my son play the past few years and following the Golden Knights this year, I have officially caught "hockey-fever" or however you would describe being HOOKED on something (without harmful side-effects). So before I get too off track, the reason for this post is to announce the channeling of all this exciting energy into an upcoming remix of a Golden Knights-themed track called "Knight It Up", an anthemic shout-along perfect for a packed arena! I'll be in the studio in early June recording a handful of other tracks for a SUMMER 2018 RELEASE - this way we can all Celebrate The Imperfections! #newalbumthissummer 



I know what you might be thinking...and no, I had never heard of a strain called 'Big Smooth' either. But my friendly budtender told me it was known to be good for "intimate times" and whenever I hear that I tend to listen up. Now what I do in my "intimate times" is for another blog, but lets just say I had some Big Smooth leftover and wanted to see how it might influence a songwriting session. 

My main mission for this track was to make something upbeat and melodic but with a few odd/half-step progressions thrown in. The song is about being confident and not hesitating when you're in the moment, y'know - let yourself "Shine!" 

So my conclusion is the song below. I liked the taste of Big Smooth as well - very fruity/berry and well-balanced effects for being creative. The cultivator of Big Smooth is Silver State Trading from Sparks, NV. You can find it in dispensaries all throughout Nevada. 

Stream our setlist for the Friday's show on Spotify!

We're giving y'all a sneak peak at our setlist for this Friday's show at The Bunkhouse. Stream this playlist and learn every single word we'll say! And help me remember the words...

Rocking the days away...

Our Bunkhouse show date of April 20th is coming quick! I can feel the excitement in the group building - its gonna be a fun time - outdoor stage, food truck, 4 awesome bands, vendors, games...what more could you ask for?? A giant doughnut display?? You got it! I'm stoked to be playing what I can honestly say is the coolest venue in Las Vegas, The Bunkhouse. They've got a great sound system inside and a large, stylish outdoor courtyard area with picnic tables and spots to chill. We're also opening up the grassy courtyard area next to The Bunkhouse where our friends Culture & Cannabis are putting on an awesome event. A portion of the money made from this evening will be donated to Nevada Veterans. We also just got word that Two Roots, the FIRST cannabis-infused beer will be offering their tasty craft beers on site and giving a portion back to Nevada Vets! Can't wait to try some terpene-infused IPA! 

 Rich on drums, Eliss on bass supply the girth of The Imperfections' sound. 

Rich on drums, Eliss on bass supply the girth of The Imperfections' sound. 


I picked up a gram of Headband from Deep Roots Harvest, who I absolutely love, from their "home base" location out in Mesquite, NV. I always thought of Headband as more of a sativa - but they had it listed as an indica so I was curious exactly how this potentially heavier strain might effect my creativity. The song that resulted was most definitely a little darker/heavier than usual. I was stuck on the phrase "Over My Dead Body" - I remember kids saying that growing up - and I wanted to write something with that as the hook/theme cuz its kinda interesting and dark and reminds me of my childhood - so I stumbled upon a C7 chord - kinda quirky, weird - and wanted to include some cool spacey vocals on top. The guitar is a beautiful Telecaster on loan from my good friend Rich and I love the clean yet overdriven sound it has. Fun track, and don't worry about the whole "dead body" thing...its a little morbid but I'm a very happy person! So don't read into it too much - just enjoy it!

FYI - I also picked up some Lemon Kush that I'm itching to crack open and I'm anxious to see what might result! Please check back next week and until then be well...