Mixing with Vinnie at The Tone Factory

We had such a blast recording and mixing this new record at The Tone Factory here in Las Vegas. Working with producer/engineer/owner Vinnie Castaldo has been a fantastic experience - he turned our ideas into reality! He has a great ear, provided some excellent feedback on the songs and brought them into their fully realized form. Its been fun to hear the songs from where they started to where they are now, I really enjoyed the transformation and the process to flesh out the tunes in order to make them big, bad and beautiful. Which may be the next title to our album. For now though, I leave you with a cliff hanger - we have ONE MORE DAY in the studio to master the songs and then I will start leaking song clips out so listen up…

Donato & Vinnie at The Tone Factory

Donato & Vinnie at The Tone Factory

Hard At Work Working Hard

An extra full day of rehearsal yesterday…working on our setlist for NuWu’s 1 Year Anniversary Party in less than 2 weeks - Saturday October 13th at NuWu Dispensary in downtown Las Vegas, there will be music, food, prizes, games ALL DAY - so mark your calendars with permanent ink cuz you won’t wanna miss this one! We’re playing our favorite songs from the 60s, 70s, not much 80s, some 90s, a few 2000s and today’s modern hits! Well, to be honest we don’t play much Top 40 - Dick Clark would be sad, nothing for him to do. But whatever we do play will make you wanna shake your body and move your feet!

The Imperfections 9%2F30%2F18.jpg

Meet The Band

I wanted to focus some attention on the band today - they are such great dudes and talented musicians, so why not put em in the spotlight a little?? Eliss is originally from Inglewood, CA and brings his OG attitude to the group which allows us to play some of the tougher parts of town. Dominic comes from a Drumcore background, which has given him incredible skin-slapping skills that he displays on a nightly basis with The Imperfections. Lastly, Donato is the singer/songwriter of the group and also plays a guitar or “axe” as some have called it. Donato shows equal love for Aerosmith, Green Day, Billy Joel and Foo Fighters and that can most certainly be heard on our upcoming EP “Celebrate The Imperfections” due in the fall of 2018. And now that you know the band, feel free to pick your favorite and fall in love!

Artist Pick Playlist on Spotify

We have put together a little playlist for your drive home today - The Artist Pick Imperfections Playlist has been hand-crafted from hours of digital digging and presented in a handy, portable package that anyone can enjoy! Take a moment to roll the windows down, crank the volume up and ENJOY the Imperfections Artist Pick Playlist on Spotify! And please follow us so you know the exact moment our new EP “Celebrate The Imperfections” becomes available.


Good day everyone - we’re excited to announce a few NEW SHOWS we have coming up

First of all, we are incredibly honored to have been asked by NuWu Dispensary in Las Vegas to play their 1 year anniversary party on October 13th. Its an ALL DAY celebration with a ton of great bands, delicious food, happy people, and possibly some cannabis?? We absolutely LOVE NuWu, they are owned by the Paiute Native American tribe here in Nevada - awesome people, amazing history in Nevada (my son just so happens to be studying Paiutes in school at the moment), awesome facility in Vegas, we couldn’t be happier to be involved! A huge thank you and shout out goes to Tisha and Chris Spotted-Eagle for showing us the love this holiday season! I tell you this [not my words] “happiness does not decrease by being shared” so come share the love on Saturday October 13th from noon to Midnight at NuWu Dispensary [MAP BELOW]

Another upcoming show is happening THIS TUESDAY at an unknown location. Mark your calendar, but leave your GPS blank…more info coming soon, but it is an exciting opportunity that we will share more details about as soon as possible. I know, why even bring it up?? Well, its called a teaser kids; you dangle something potentially sweet and tasty out in front of someone and then all of a sudden just cu….



First Friday LIVE @ The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18

We had a blast at The Bunkhouse on Friday! Thank to everyone who came out and made it a fun time! Thanks to our new friends Vin A, Camden West and Kayleigh Foster for rocking the socks off the crowd - these guys (and gals) were super talented and it really was a pleasure sharing the stage with them! Vin A invited us all on stage for a sing-a-long to The Black Keys “Howlin’ For You” which was tons of fun! Be on the lookout for this line-up again, we all had too much fun not to do it another time soon!

Eliss fingers his 4-string Airline bass LIVE at The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18.

Eliss fingers his 4-string Airline bass LIVE at The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18.

Dominic slaps his Pork Pie skins LIVE at The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18.

Dominic slaps his Pork Pie skins LIVE at The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18.

Donato vibrates his vocal chords and the strings on his custom Fredner guitar LIVE at The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18.

Donato vibrates his vocal chords and the strings on his custom Fredner guitar LIVE at The Bunkhouse Saloon 9/7/18.

SMOKE SESSION: Strawberry Cough


the rippin' and the tearin'

seattle power shredder

For this week's SMOKE SESSION I vaped some Strawberry Cough from GLP and started elaborating on some ideas I had recently come up with. First off, the line "You don't even have a heart to break" sounded like such a bitter concept, I wanted to see what I could do with it. Its something you'd have to be really angry to say to someone else. Also the title of the song "Kiss and Tell" to me has such a push and pull to it, the KISS is the sweet, wonderful part but the TELL is much more mysterious - who did you tell and what did you tell them?! I'm also working to simplify my musical delivery, and this is a demo but I'm intentionally not overdoing the guitars and other instruments during the verses and vocal parts. I can always add more later, but I like hearing some space in there every so often. I wish I sang this better but typically with demos the vocal melody is so totally new, that I'm honestly just not that good at singing it yet! The next version I'll have it locked in I promise! 

As for the cannabis in today's session, Strawberry Cough from Green Life Productions is one of my absolute favorites! Years ago when cannabis first went legal in Nevada, Strawberry Cough was a strain I just HAD to track down, in addition to the incredibly sweet, fruity scent and taste, SC's effects are ideal for creative folks [check https://www.leafly.com/sativa/strawberry-cough] so I had to see what it was capable of. Immediately I felt the rush of euphoria and creativity that makes you just want to write songs all day! This one tastes great and feels great on the mind/body level as well. 

So even tho this song is far from perfect, it IS what I was able to come up with today on Strawberry Cough, bruises and all. I'll have to post a remix soon. But for now I'm happy with the bitter love concepts in the lyrics and the guitars at the end are kinda cool. Hope y'all are having a great day - until next session... 

Happy Monday!

Its just another day of the week, seemingly like the rest, but why does Monday feel so much shittier than the rest of the days? The weight of the week can crush you if you're not prepared to face it. So we here at The Imperfections headquarters challenge you to make the best of your Monday - its only going to get better this week! We are working up some fun new songs, and old songs from the 60s by a group of amphibious animals, a few rock classics from the 70s, and even some songs from as recently as the 2000s - which reminds me I think my computer is still susceptible to the Y2K bug - I gotta update my Windows 98 ASAP! Anybody have a vintage install disc?? Laserdisc preferred. Btw, I can't believe BluRay beat out HD-DVD. I had my money on HD-DVD all the way - if anyone wants to borrow my copy of Jerry Maguire lemme know - or if you have dial up maybe I can fax it to you.

Happy Monday!.jpg

Check out our 4th band member

It's actually kinda true, when you get the four of us together, magical things happen! We, as individuals have a certain musical chemistry that when combined creates a unique sound unlike any other. The way Dominic plays the drums along with how Eliss fingers his bass blends together with Donato's crunchy guitar and smooth vibrato voice which creates a 100% unique listening experience. Take that sound and add a pinch of high-quality, lab-tested cannabis flower and you have The Imperfections. We're cruising along the power/pop/rock highway with the windows down and can't be bothered with the bumps along the way, they're inevitable. We embrace The Imperfections.  

We ARE The Imperfections. 

the imperfections (2).jpg


Head Cheese from Polaris voted Best of Las Vegas 2018.

Head Cheese from Polaris voted Best of Las Vegas 2018.

I had to take advantage of this unique date; 8-8-18, and record something unique. That was the plan, anyway...I was thinking about my own unique life journey - the UPs and DOWNs - and how my main regret would be any time I STOPPED life's momentum and didn't let things continue to play out to see what might happen. Looking back, I think I wanted everything to be "perfect" before anyone heard it. And my definition of what "perfect" was seemed to change constantly. It's enough to make you crazy. So recently I have come to appreciate the idea of the process, and being patient. I didn't want to worry about achieving "perfection", I wanted to celebrate The Imperfections (hence the name). I stopped my own progress so many times in the past - afraid of what might lie ahead. Maybe it was nothing different than life as I knew it, but you can't stop yourself before you finish, its not fair to the universe! This song deals with life's journey, and the process - even if you can't see it now - life is leading you towards an exciting story! People love roller coasters because they ZOOM, ZIP, WHOOSH up, down and all around - not straight ahead and slow. What fun would THAT be? Stick with this song to the end, there are some fun surprises, just like life - now isn't that nice?!

As for the cannabis - I went with my tried and true favorite strain Head Cheese from Polaris based right here in Las Vegas, NV. It was voted "BEST STRAIN" in the Las Vegas Weekly Best of Vegas 2018 issue - and its well-deserved. First of all, it has a STRONG stinky/moldy cheese smell, some people don't like that. But for me - if a flower smells THAT strong, it means there are some serious terpenes in action which typically results in a more enhanced sensory experience overall. Its dense and moist, which isn't easy in the Nevada desert. Head Cheese makes my body feel like its getting a warm hug (which makes me feel safe and creative while coming up with fresh new song ideas). But Head Cheese also packs a hefty cerebral blow - sometimes I can get too cloudy or confused if I have too much, but with well-dosed moderation, Head Cheese can aid mental creativity and give a euphoric stamina well-suited to any kind of creativity, in this case, songwriting. I ground up the cannabis with my trusty SLX Grinder and vaped through my Da Buddha Vaporizer which I've had for 10 YEARS NOW! Happy anniversary to us.

I started recording the song on an acoustic guitar, then laid down the drums over the top - the guitar riffs came soon after and the chorus vocal harmonies topped off the whole shebang. Still tweaking it, but here's where its at now...