Head Cheese from Polaris voted Best of Las Vegas 2018.

Head Cheese from Polaris voted Best of Las Vegas 2018.

I had to take advantage of this unique date; 8-8-18, and record something unique. That was the plan, anyway...I was thinking about my own unique life journey - the UPs and DOWNs - and how my main regret would be any time I STOPPED life's momentum and didn't let things continue to play out to see what might happen. Looking back, I think I wanted everything to be "perfect" before anyone heard it. And my definition of what "perfect" was seemed to change constantly. It's enough to make you crazy. So recently I have come to appreciate the idea of the process, and being patient. I didn't want to worry about achieving "perfection", I wanted to celebrate The Imperfections (hence the name). I stopped my own progress so many times in the past - afraid of what might lie ahead. Maybe it was nothing different than life as I knew it, but you can't stop yourself before you finish, its not fair to the universe! This song deals with life's journey, and the process - even if you can't see it now - life is leading you towards an exciting story! People love roller coasters because they ZOOM, ZIP, WHOOSH up, down and all around - not straight ahead and slow. What fun would THAT be? Stick with this song to the end, there are some fun surprises, just like life - now isn't that nice?!

As for the cannabis - I went with my tried and true favorite strain Head Cheese from Polaris based right here in Las Vegas, NV. It was voted "BEST STRAIN" in the Las Vegas Weekly Best of Vegas 2018 issue - and its well-deserved. First of all, it has a STRONG stinky/moldy cheese smell, some people don't like that. But for me - if a flower smells THAT strong, it means there are some serious terpenes in action which typically results in a more enhanced sensory experience overall. Its dense and moist, which isn't easy in the Nevada desert. Head Cheese makes my body feel like its getting a warm hug (which makes me feel safe and creative while coming up with fresh new song ideas). But Head Cheese also packs a hefty cerebral blow - sometimes I can get too cloudy or confused if I have too much, but with well-dosed moderation, Head Cheese can aid mental creativity and give a euphoric stamina well-suited to any kind of creativity, in this case, songwriting. I ground up the cannabis with my trusty SLX Grinder and vaped through my Da Buddha Vaporizer which I've had for 10 YEARS NOW! Happy anniversary to us.

I started recording the song on an acoustic guitar, then laid down the drums over the top - the guitar riffs came soon after and the chorus vocal harmonies topped off the whole shebang. Still tweaking it, but here's where its at now...


Any hockey fans that have somehow managed to find themselves on THIS website instead of a more hockey-themed site like NHL.COM or even ESPN - let me be the first to tell you, our own Las Vegas Golden Knights have made history and are going to the Stanley Cup Finals! This is a new thing for Vegas, and coming from Seattle, we didn't have a hockey team to follow either - but its hard to not be inspired by the Golden Knights energy, passion and the unbelievable season they are having! Through watching my son play the past few years and following the Golden Knights this year, I have officially caught "hockey-fever" or however you would describe being HOOKED on something (without harmful side-effects). So before I get too off track, the reason for this post is to announce the channeling of all this exciting energy into an upcoming remix of a Golden Knights-themed track called "Knight It Up", an anthemic shout-along perfect for a packed arena! I'll be in the studio in early June recording a handful of other tracks for a SUMMER 2018 RELEASE - this way we can all Celebrate The Imperfections! #newalbumthissummer 


What were WE doing yesterday??

Makin' stuff... Here's a new track we're working through - staying true to our name, its not PERFECT - but the idea is there. Have you ever known anyone with a simple mind? Or perhaps you yourself is suffering from a lack of brain power?? Well this song is for you! Come celebrate the beauty of life made simple in a groovy new tune recorded during rehearsal a few days ago.